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top 10

What is a mouse cursor website without a top 10 list? Every site on the internet has one. From the most popular views, the top clicks, the highest recommended, the user votes, and just the plain what’s hot right now, a list is a good way to let the impatient just go straight to the source. That’s what the internet has made us into now. Just a whole lot of browsers rapidly scanning and absorbing partial information on web pages. Well you asked for it and now you’ve got it.

The top 10 most requested mouse cursors

The top 10 most downloaded mouse cursors

The top 10 most viewed mouse cursors

The top 10 as voted by staff

The top 10 as voted by viewers

Well that’s it! That’s our complete list of top 10′s. Did we miss out on one? Is there one that you think you have got the nod? Your favourite one missing? Have we made a severe blatant omission from this self proclaimed impressive list of free cursor downloads?! Please do share and let us know! We’ll never never know if you never never tell :)

Start Downloading Free Cursors

Mouse cursors can be downloaded via the download links on this website. When you follow the link, you will be redirected to our trusted affiliate partner at We are very pleased to work with cursor mania to provide our mouse cursors as they have had a long history and reputation of providing good quality cursors, screen savers, avatars, wallpapers, and much more for many many years. All of this for free and all of this backed by the same company that runs

When you reach the start page for the cursors, simply follow the easy guide to download and install the mouse cursors. Yes, you will be guided step by step through the installation process and in no time you will have the mouse cursors available on your Windows theme ready for you to use. The mouse cursor download includes a free toolbar that comes with many other goodies. This toolbar is created by the team at Cursor Mania and enables you to access all your cursors in one handy place. You can also access screensavers, fun greeting cards, wallpapers, skins for your webpage, avatars for your social profile, and smileys for your very own personal use to show off to your family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, yes just about anyone who wants to look really. :)

When you select to use our cursors, you are joining a select group of literally millions around the world who already do. Each day thousands of people just like you choose to download and install mouse cursors because they trust cursor mania to provide the best free cursors available online anywhere. When you choose cursor mania, you are choosing to join a large community of like minded, savvy computer and internet users.

Start Downloading Free Cursors

Go on don’t be a square. Download a mouse cursor today and rid your world of that stupid little arrow that has marred our personal computer experience since its unfortunately conception. Blaze a trail of rebellion and don’t settle for a compromise. Use only the coolest, freshest mouse cursors because … well just because! :)

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